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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Animal Rights and injection of human DNA into animals is morally justified?????

Animal Rights

Injecting Human DNA into animals is not morally justified to prevent animals for more practicalworks upon them.

Faces of hope, voices of space,
none for us to seek and prey
they are children from the sun
Innocent in their mortal wound
singing earth songs
Is fish associate with tomatoes or soybeans mixture with petunias? Is pigs associate with humans or rabbits with mice? Obviously not, but some scientists are combining the genes of these varied organism which is against the laws of natural selection.
Genetic engineering is a technique to splice, delete, add, isolate, recombine or transfer genes from one organism to another which may be totally not linked. It’s a kind of unnaturally involuntary changing the individual organism as its starting point, in disparity to natural development in which changes occur among miscellaneous populations through natural selection. Do animals, plants, forests, mountains, and oceans exist only for human benefit? The new food method through genetic engineering is no longer real creatures that have many debates on animal rights.
Since there is no regulation in classification genetically engineered products. We have no way to avoid them.
That’s why we must demand that our government enforce strict regulation in classification all genetically engineering products. We can boycott processed food made by genetic engineering, and begin to educate our communities about this important issue. As long as we breathe fresh air, eat food, and enjoy the beauty of nature, we be obliged it to mother Earth and her billions of years of sustainability.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Genetic Engineering works than where is the Quality of life????????

Genetic engineering is a brooder term to understand it knowledge about genetic, genetics and Bio technology is important.
Genetic engineering, genetic redesign or genes modification is basically a process of genes control in a way that is normal reproductive process outside the organism. It involves isolation genes, operating and re-introduction of DNA into a cell or replica organism. Now in genetic engineering what is re-introduction of DNA into the cells? It involves only putting across the protein in the cells or model organisms. Genetic engineering aims is to introduce, develop new characters or traits physically or inner side of the organism, such as develop a resistance for a specific crop infection introducing a novel trait in the embryo of the crop by producing new protein or enzymes.

Examples can include the production of human insulin through genetic redesigning of bacteria; another one is the production of erythropoietin in Chinese Hamster Ovary cells, and the production of new types of experimental like cancer mouse (Onco-Mouse) for research and it was only possible through genetic redesign.

How it works, since a segment is specified with protein or enzymes of DNA called a gene, future versions of that protein can be re-designed by changing the gene's underlying DNA .One way to do this is to isolate the piece of DNA containing the gene, precisely cut the gene out, and then reintroduce the gene into a different DNA segment called as splice or do splicing. Together with ligase, which can join fragments of DNA together, restriction enzymes formed the initial basis of recombinant DNA technology.

Above discussion shows that through genetic engineering we can alter the existing DNA by adding such enzymes or proteins that enable to produce a new organism but where is the quality of life of that organism. Genetic engineering is also applied on human beings to develop advance or such characteristics which he/ she don’t have. Enzymes or proteins will enter in the respective organism when it will be in the embryonic form.

Here we are going against the laws of nature if take it in more depth whether embryo haven’t feel pain. Another irritating thing is that how our society is going to accept that genetic redesign organism? What name does today’s civilized and modern society will give to them? Finally the quality of life is totally demonstrated because we are going against the laws of nature. We should explore the genetic, genetics, genetic engineering and bio technology for the welfare of human beings not changing or altering the spices if want that than solve the issues like ethics, quality of life with out changing the rules of God.