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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gene therapy and cloning is same in genetic engineering.....

Gene therapy must not be confused with cloning that has been in the news very much in the previous years. Cloning is generating a different human being with in essence the identical genetic structure is especially dissimilar from gene therapy.
Scientific barriers in gene therapy highlight the conception of vehicles called vectors or gene carriers to bring therapeutic genes to the cells of patients. One time the gene is in the cell its requirement to function properly. Patient’s bodies may refuse treatments and lastly there is the call for to standardize gene expression.
Viruses have developed a method of summarizing and delivering their genes to human cells in a pathogenic approach. Scientists have attempted to obtain benefit of the virus's biology and control its genome to eliminate the disease-causing genes and introduce therapeutic genes. These gene-delivery gene carriers will build this field of realism.

Royal Society of UK views about stem cell research and human cloning….

The Royal Society support the founding of the UK Stem Cell Bank, considering that the therapeutic make use of stem cells could, one day, help out to progress or save the lives of millions of patients universally.
In line with UK government strategy, the Royal Society believes that human reproductive cloning should not be allowable to take place. It insists on all other nations, mainly the United States, to bring in and support rules and regulations that would generate a worldwide standstill on human reproductive cloning.
The standstill should not, though, broaden to research involving the cloning of very early human beings embryos for research into the therapeutic possible of stem cells.

Is human cloning lawful in genetic engineering? Some pros and cons about cloning…..

Human being re-productive cloning is unlawful in the United Kingdom and many other countries for the reason that it has not been verified to be medically secure, logically sound, or socially and ethically up to standard.
Re-productive cloning as a system is mainly useless and impulsive. It took scientists 277 attempts previous to them produced one viable animal protein - Dolly (Roslin Institute).
In addition, a lot of cloned mammal children are born abnormally bulky and with other cruel abnormalities. This raises the risk that several existing human clone could face serious health harms, and so as to the substitute mother would also be at danger during pregnancy.
It is not complicated to be aware of how individuals who want to substitute a lost child or who are not capable to bear children all the way through conventional methods might be influenced by the idea of human cloning.
Nevertheless, still if it were achievable, no human clone would ever be really identical to its genetic parent. At the same time as they might seem alike, they would grow up in a different time and surroundings, with diverse social and cultural back grounds. In addition, the facts that you are genetically the same to your 'parent' would add a huge psychological stress.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Can genetically engineered spices naturally interact with the biosphere?

In view of the fact that the early nineteen fifties, biologists began to revolve their thought to the mystifying double helix called DNA. Contained by twenty years scientists were before now integration DNA extracted from diverse species.

Now the question arises, can genetically engineered spices easily interact with the biosphere of nature? It’s the reality that things interact with nature, nature will always support them. But the spices to whom doesn’t interact with nature will not survive.

The quantum leap of this innovative technology permitted the human creature to be converted into the new creator of life on earth, creating a diversity of plants and animals. Now natural evolution can be halted at our fingertips, forever altering the meaning of life and forcing us to redefine religion, nature and individuality.

Cellular dynamics in all living systems requires mutual acknowledgement and interdependence, a constant collaboration between the personage life and the entire biosphere to maintain the stability and equilibrium suitable for species survival.

The holistic concept of the Gaia Hypothesis proposes a subtle mutual participation between organic life (the moving part) and the geological environment (the unmoving part) as an integral whole in the evolutionary journey.

Bioengineering disregards this essential complexity by disrupting species integrity, a gesture in contempt of nature's wisdom. Science can alter other creature's very genetic structure to suit our desires and the market value. Do animals, plants, forests, mountains, and oceans exist only for human benefit?

Because there is no regulation in labeling genetically engineered products, we have no way to avoid them. For this reason we must demand that our government enforce strict regulation in labeling all genetically engineered products. We can impose sanctions on processed food made by genetic engineering, and begin to educate our communities about this important issue. We should support local farmers by purchasing locally grown, organic produce, and switch to an ECO- VEGETARIAN DIET.

As long as we breathe fresh air, eat food, and enjoy the beauty of nature, we owe it to mother Earth and her billions of years of sustainability.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Oh GOD! Stem cell research is leading towards ethical and social issues.

Genetic engineering is going to boost the stem cell research. Stem cell researches have a widespread controversy because those techniques which start off in reforming stem cells that leads towards human cloning. Now the questions arise here what about social and ethical challenges? Genetics research or embryonic stem cell research is hot issue today due to present state of technology that leading us to set up a stem cell procession requires the damage of a human embryo or beneficial cloning opponent of the research disagree that this practice is smoothly risen to reproductive cloning and the same as to the instrumentilization of a human being.
Uncooperatively, therapeutic researches in this field argue that it is necessary to follow embryonic stem cell research since the resultant technologies are predictable to have major medical prospective. And embryos used for research are only those scheduled for destruction any way.
At this time of global crisis every one of us needs to awaken towards a new ethical vigor and put forward the energy which is our moral responsibility that our planet very much needs to refuse to accept the forces of commercial exploitation. We have to need this for our own good sense and meaningfulness, blessedness of the living Earth.
The continued existence of their future is our own survival. Without collective effort we will not be able to cure the ill fate of the planet. As an alternative of self-satisfaction we all need to make some sacrifices in order to give hope to other creatures.
The resulting debate has promoted powers that be around the world to search for regularity frameworks and highlighted the reality that stem cell researches be a symbol of a social and ethical challenge.